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At DeFib Solutions, Inc, our commitment is to AED Programs not any specific device. Below is just a sample of AED's and accessories. Simply select the device and accessories that meet your specific needs and we'll do the rest. We offer:

  • site selection-to determine the best location for your AED
  • medical direction-the FDA and most states require that an AED Program be under the supervision of a medical director (refer to Public Access page for state by state listings)
  • training -all training programs are conducted on-site and scheduled to your convenience
  • product support-includes periodic inspection of your AED as well as Event Review and service related issues


G3 Defibrillator - The next generation Powerheart AED has arrived. The Powerheart AED G3 is our flagship, feature-rich AED offering. The innovative Powerheart AED G3 presents our new customer-friendly features such as more instructive voice prompts, improved voice quality, new lighter weight, redesigned form factor, and the industry's first four-year, full replacement battery.
G3 Auto Defibrillator - The revolutionary Powerheart AED G3-Automatic simplifies the rescue process by eliminating the need to press a shock button. All that you have to do is attach the device to a person in cardiac arrest. Once the defibrillation pads are attached to the patient, the device detects the person's heart rhythm, analyzes the rhythm using the patented RHYTHMx® software, and if a life-threatening rhythm is detected, instructs the user to stand clear and automatically delivers a defibrillation shock.

G3 Plus Defibrillator - The Powerheart G3 Plus AED offers a unique combination of features that no other AED can match in providing an easy to use, reliable and technologically advanced lifesaving device.

New, Rescue Coach™ intuitive voice prompts were designed using the results of a human behavior study to guide the rescuer confidently and easily through the rescue process and provide instructions and AED behavior aligned with the AHA/ERC 2005 Guidelines.

Patented Rescue Ready® daily, weekly and monthly self-tests ensure that critical components such as pads, battery and internal circuitry are always in working order and validate reliability. Another unique feature for Powerheart AEDs is the monthly full-energy self test which confirms that the AED can charge to its maximum capability.

FR2 Defibrillator - The HeartStart FR2+ is reliable and virtually maintenance-free. It automatically performs
daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests of the battery, electrical components, and subsystems. A highly visible status indicator shows at a glance whether the FR2+ has
passed its last self-test and is ready for use.

FR-X Defibrillator - The Philips FRx Defibrillator is the newest member of the HeartStart family of defibrillators designed with new technological advancements to help in treating the most common cause of SCA.
On the scene with law enforcement, on the field
with student athletes or on the job with employees, the
FRx Defibrillator is the solution for treating SCA from
ventricular fibrillation in environments and conditions too
demanding for many other defibrillators.

On-site Defibrillator - Philips, the leader in portable defibrillation technology, designed the HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator for the ordinary person in the extraordinary moment. The first commercial defibrillator available without a prescription and so easy to use that
you can potentially save the life of a coworker, friend, or
anyone else stricken with sudden cardiac arrest.
Weighing just 3.3 lbs., this small and lightweight
defibrillator can be easily carried to the victim’s side.
Using clear, calm voice instructions, the OnSite
Defibrillator guides you through each step of
defibrillation. And like all HeartStart Defibrillators, it can be used to treat infants and children as well as adults.


We can also help you with any accessories you may need for your defibrilators. Please contact us if you need to order any of the following:

  • Wall Sleeve
  • Wall Mount w/ alarm
  • Wall Mount Basket
  • Wall Mount Basket
  • Wall Mount Basket with Strap
  • Wall Mount Basket with Strap
  • Powerheart AED G3 Wall Mount Wire Rack with Strap
  • Powerheart AED G3 Wall Mount Wire Rack with Strap
  • AED Backpack
  • Powerheart AED G3 Case - Front
  • Powerheart AED G3 Case - Left
  • Powerheart AED G3 Case - Right
  • Total Response Bag Wall Mount
  • Total Response Bag Open
  • Total Response Bag
  • Total Response Backpack Open
  • Powerheart AED G3 with Quick Start Kit and Peds Pads
  • ECG Monitoring
  • ECG Monitoring
  • IR Cable
  • Battery for Firstsave AED G3
  • Signage for AED Location
  • Battery for Powerheart AED G3
  • Rechargeable Battery for AED G3s
  • Ready Kit
  • Defibrillation Electrodes Package
  • Hard Case
  • Powerheart AED G3 Battery