AED & CPR Training

Emergency Response Training

DeFib Solutions, Inc, an Authorized AHA Training Site, is a safety training company that specializes in Automated External Defibrillators (AED's).

The new Heartsaver Total courses from the American Heart Association are designed for anyone with little or no medical training who needs first aid and/or CPR training and a course completion card for job, regulatory (e.g. OSHA), or other regulatory or licensing requirements. Heartsaver courses can also be taken by anyone who wants to be prepared to act in an emergency at work or at home.

Heartsaver Courses:

  • Prepare students for the most common types of first aid emergencies
  • Equip them with CPR skills for adults, children & infants
  • Allows for flexible delivery, all with the most relevant AHA science & information\

Instructor-led Training Heartsaver classroom courses feature group interaction and hands-on coaching and feedback from an AHA instructor. Classroom courses are conducted onsite at the company’s location and scheduled to your convenience.

Blended Learning Heartsaver blended courses include an online portion and a hands-on portion. The online portion can be completed at work, at home, or wherever you have internet access. THe hands-on skills practice and testing session is conducted in-person with an AHA BLS or Heartsaver Instructor.

Course Options Cover:

  • Adult CPR and AED Use
  • Opioid-associated Life-threatening Emergencies
  • Child CPR and AED Use
  • Infant CPR
  • Choking in an Adult, Child or Infant

DeFib Solutions, Inc. offers both Instructor-led and Blended Learning formats.
All classes are conducted on site and scheduled to your convenience. Class times will vary depending on formats selected. Classes can be combined to customize a class that meets your specific needs.

6 Hours

Heartsaver® Total First Aid CPR/AED Training

This comprehensive course meets the OSHA & USCG training requirements and equips participants with skills in first aid, adult CPR, and AED usage. It's designed for lay rescuers and covers a wide range of emergency scenarios. Ideal for those looking to be thoroughly prepared for various emergencies.

5 Hours

Heartsaver® Standard First Aid Adult CPR/AED

Focused on first aid and adult CPR, this course delves into essential life-saving techniques. It also emphasizes the role of AEDs in cardiac emergencies, providing a solid foundation in emergency response. The AHA Course Grid allows organizations to select the course path that meets their specific needs (i.e. Office, Educator or Heartsaver® Total) .

3 Hours

Heartsaver® First Aid Training

This stand-alone course covers essential first aid skills for injuries and sudden illnesses, like heart attack, diabetic emergencies, strokes and seizures. The Injury Control Modules covers External Bleeding Control, treatment of soft-tissue injury wounds, penetrating & puncturing objects, amputations and Internal Bleeding. Recognizing and caring for broken bones, sprains and Head, Neck & Spine Injuries. Also covers Environmental Emergencies, such as Heat & Cold-related and Poison Emergencies while utilizing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

2 Hours

Bloodborne Pathogens-Preventing Disease Transmission

This course meets the OSHA approved requirement for Bloodborne Pathogens training for those requiring this certification. Topics covered include ways to prevent disease transmission as well as the steps necessary for a disease to be transmitted. Includes the review of your company’s Exposure Control Plan. Participants receive a Certificate of Completion.

4 Hours


This nationally recognized program is designed for anyone who serves or sells alcohol. This four-hour course provides participants with information on how to serve responsibly by identifying behavioral cues to assess levels of intoxication; intoxication rate factors, and effective strategies for handling alcohol-related issues. Upon successful completion, participants receive a TIPs & BASSET (Illinois only) certification, valid for three years.

3 Hours

Advanced Bleeding Control

This course is intended for individuals who desire or are required to become trained in the use of commercial and improvised bleeding control devices for the immediate management of severe external bleeding. Bleeding is the most treatable cause of death in the U.S. due to trauma. Includes the use of tourniquets and hemostatic dressings. Follows the STOP THE BLEED! guidelines, a federal initiative to prepare the public in the treatment of life-threatening bleeding.

4 Hours

Healthcare Provider BLS

The AHA BLS Healthcare Provider is for healthcare professionals that require the healthcare level certification for employment and regulatory certification.  This course includes adult, child, and infant CPR and AED usage; one & two-rescuer CPR and use of other resuscitation devices.