Heartstation RC2000W AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm


RC2000 Features • Rugged 14 gauge welded steel (97% thicker than standard 20 gauge) • Large 3/16” impact resistant acrylic window • 120 decibel high output alarm (30 sec.) followed by intermittent service tone • High intensity strobe light alarm • Theft deterrent system • Alarms powered by 12 volt lithium battery pack for higher output and longer life • Continual self-monitoring circuitry (9 volt battery) • Multiple cabinets can be keyed alike, specific key numbers available upon request • Flush, industrial strength hardware • Powder coat finish with UV protection • AED Bracket included (indicate brand of AED when ordering) • Shipped fully assembled • One year warranty • Height 22”, Width 16”, Depth 6.25,” Weight 30 lb • Locking handle optional • Available in stainless steel • Private labeling and specialty colors available.

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